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Beauty Photoshoots Empty Beauty Photoshoots

Post by Jaxx on Fri Jun 20, 2008 12:31 pm

[ Spoilers ]
I'm surprised alot of you don't know how to do this. After getting "the beasts from their shells", you can warp both of you to a photoshoot, in which, yeah, you guessed it, you can take photos of them. If you don't take pictures of them in the Photoshoot, you get their face as a camo. They will grab you in the photoshoot in between poses, just shake them off and walk away. you have 3 minutes. I did it on Laughing Beauty as a joke. I took out the camera as she approached me, I can't exactly remember if I took a picture or not, but I got warped to that zone. I'm not sure if you're meant to take pictures of them in the photoshoot, I can't remember if I did/didn't. Basicly, just save the game before a boss battle, if you got the Photoshoot & camo, well done, if you didn't, reboot the save. Here's a video for you to understand the "Photoshoot":

Laughing Beauty Photoshoot

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